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Website Development

There are different ways to build a business or personal website; custom, template, package et. We help our you to select a solution which fits best to your business needs and the budget.

Data Applications

Data is one of decisive factors for successful business in today's digitial world. Our data scientists can help you in several ways to exploit the power of business or public data. We can help you to generate analytics, develop prediction or machine learning models and/or make recommendations.

Social Media

No business can avoid social media. It allows you to engage new customers, market products and undertand customer feedback. We can help your business to benefit from power of social media.

Web Applications

Are you looking for interactive web application? We build modern, highly responsive classical client/server and single page web application. We build web applications which offer native-app-like user experience.

RESTful Applications

At Musstara Technologies, we have skill and experience to develop simple to complex representational state transfer (REST) application or web services. REST is a popular web architecture for cloud-based APIs and often preferred for mobile apps, social networking sites etc.

Digital Marketing

These days no business can succeed without proper digital marketing. Our team has years of experience in SEO, content marketing, social media engagment and sentiment analysis.


We have advanced level skills and experience in traditional relational (SQL) databases as well as non-relational (NoSQL) databases. We have capibility to design and develop databases in MongoDB, MySQL, SQL and PostgreSQL.

Custom Algorithms

Do you have a specific business or scientific problem and would like to develop an algorithm to solve that problem? Our team has one of the best computer scientists who can help you design and program an efficient algorithm.

Cloud Infrastructure

The days are gone when you needed in-house computing or data center. Cloud computing has made provisioning and administration of of IT infrastructure much easier, affordable and fast. We can help your to analyze design and set up of cloud infrastructure.

We Build Smarter and Highly Responsive Web Applications!

Whether you are looking for a simple personal website or complex web based application, our highly skillful and experience team of developers, designers and data scientists can help you. Musstara Technologies Inc. is not like any other software company. We rather have passion for developing innovative websites, business applications and alogrithms. If you are facing a situation, please do not wait or look fruther. Just give drop us a message and we will repsond you when we check out inbox next time.

Contact Us Today For An Awesome Website or Web Application!

If you contact us to discuss details of your web project, we promise to respond to as soon as you check our inbox. In your message, please include as much details as you can so that we can provide you accurate and comprehensive information.

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Who We Are

At Musstara Technologies Inc., we are a winning team of software developers and data scientists. We provide services for custom web applications, data intensive alogrithm, database design and development, and digital marketing. Our clients are small and medium sized businesses in Canada and across the world.

Why should you choose us for your project? We have ideal set of skills and distinguish ourselves by quality of our work. Technology development is a passion for us that we live every day. We invite you to contact us to discuss your need for software development.

Web Applications



REST Applications