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Professional Software Design and Development Services. Fully Satisfied Customers in US/Canada and around the world.

Welcome to Musstara Technologies Inc. Thank you for stopping by and we hope to have opportunity to work with you. We are a small team of software developers, graphics designers and data scientists. We have experienced and knowledge of developing simple to highly complex softwares.

Musstara Technologies Inc. is not just another web or custom software application development company. We rather distinguish ourselves as a team highly experienced, qualified and professional software developers. We invite you to contact us and discuss your need for web, database, desktop application.

what we do?

To small- and medium-sized businesses, we provide solutions for custom web applications, data driven (stand-alone and web based) applications, database design and development, and digital marketing.

Anyone can claim to provide web or data solutions, but the unique set of complementary skills and experience in our team allows us to come with perfect solutions at competitive price. We always work on carefully selected projects on which we are confident to deliver desired results.

We have experience to develop simple corporate website to custom single page app to REST application. On backend server, we have expertise to work with relational/structured, semi-structure and unstrucred databases. We work with modern web technologies, like HTML5/CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, MongoDB, SQLite, MySQL, AWS, Azure etc.

In today's highly competitive business environment, data plays decisive role to take right and informed decisions. At Musstara Technologies Inc., we have one of the finest data science and machine learning teams in Canada. We can bring your business a new strength through sentiment analysis, recommender systems, and data analytics.

Knowing ins and outs of digital marketing is a multiplier strength of Musstara Technologies Inc. It empowers us to not only develop applications which are social media and search engine friendly but also to upgrade applications with missing digital marketing ingredients; SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content marketing and campaign marketing.

Why We Standout?

  • Complementary set of skills
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Well documented code
  • Intelligent and extensible solutions
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Friendly communication

Who We Are

At Musstara Technologies Inc., we are a winning team of software developers and data scientists. We provide services for custom web applications, data intensive alogrithm, database design and development, and digital marketing. Our clients are small and medium sized businesses in Canada and across the world.

Why should you choose us for your project? We have ideal set of skills and distinguish ourselves by quality of our work. Technology development is a passion for us that we live every day. We invite you to contact us to discuss your need for software development.

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Digital Marketing
Data Analytics, Recommender Systems